Saturday, December 19, 2009

Does green shampoo kill fleas?

Why would the color make any difference at all. Only flea soap kills fleas.Does green shampoo kill fleas?
What does the color of the shampoo have to do with fleas? WHy not use K9 Advantage or K9 Advantix on your dog? It's MUCH simpler, and it works!Does green shampoo kill fleas?
it does if you leave it on for about 10mins

Don't be silly,please.
Yes, they hate green stuff. Notice they never infect green dogs and cats.
Only a shampoo that specifically indicates it is for that purpose will work, color doesn't matter one bit.

However, flea shampoo is a very poor and ineffective way to kill fleas and keep them off; they'll just jump back on and are probably in your yard and home. You need to go to a veterinarian, tell them the age and weight and type of pet, and buy a product called Frontline Plus that you will apply monthly between the pet's shoulder blades on his/her skin. Actually, Frontline really does work to kill fleas for three months, but only does ticks for one month, so if ticks are not a problem for you, you could probably do it once per three months and be fine.

Frontline will stop the fleas from reproducing and if you use it as directed, will eventually rid them from your pet AND your home for good, as long as you treat ALL pets that you own with it.

If you have carpet, vaccum like mad! Two times a day at least. This will help speed up the process.
There are special made flea shampoos for dogs and cats. Some colors are green some are clear. As long as it says its a flea shampoo on the bottle for dogs..Makes sure you get the right one for dogs and then there is one for cats also..
Do you have flees?
The best thing to get rid of fleas is blue dawn dish liquid. Give your dog or cat, or what ever animal it is a bath in blue dawn. Make sure you lather it up real good and then when you rinse it off scratch through their fur. The dawn will kill the fleas instantly. Only the blue dawn works though.
fleas are color blind.

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