Saturday, December 19, 2009

What is the best ';green'; shampoo?

Thats all natural, eco friendly and not tested on animals thanksWhat is the best ';green'; shampoo?
Green Tea shampooWhat is the best ';green'; shampoo?
It is sweet of you to not want to use animal tested shampoo, it really is. But do you know how many animals you will be putting out of work if you boycott these items?

My cousin Charlie makes big bucks testing human products all the time, he might be blind and thinks he is a doberman half the time but just think about it? It will be killing the animal economy.

Grab some pricey shampoo and add green food coloring. I'm sure you will find something soon.... for me to poop on!
Melaleuca has many many eco friendly shampoos lotions so on and so on....

There is also green girl basics which I love too!!

neither of them leave that greasy gross afterward thing either.

Hope I helped :)
I like the JASON line. Not to pricey either.
Nexus has a new Phyto Organics collection. Check it out. I have it, its good for your hair and smell delicious too.
they dont test shampoo on animals!!! unicorns are not real so it's not cruel. oh yeah and suave.
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