Thursday, December 24, 2009

What shampoo should I use to get the green tint out of my hair?

I dye my hair medium blonde and even though I don't swim in pools I have noticed that it has a green tint. I have tried all the at home remedies like crushed up aspirin, ketchup, lemon juice but nothing seems to work. I plan on getting some color oops which safely takes all the dye out of my hair and re dying it in hopes that it will get rid of the green tint. I want to find a good shampoo that will prevent my hair from doing this again. I don't think I should use swimmers shampoo because I don't swim in pools but I have heard of other shampoos that will help get the tint out or prevent it from happening. Any advice would be great!! Thanks so much in advance!What shampoo should I use to get the green tint out of my hair?
i feel is the color you are using, stay away from the ash shades .can make hair have green tint to it. if recolor with same color will just do this again. no shampoo i know of will help this, or prevent it, only stripping the color out will help. just be careful these are chemicals. What shampoo should I use to get the green tint out of my hair?
None of the shampoos would take any color out.

Most are made to keep the color in.

I'd suggest you ask your stylist, so she can remove the color for you.
Have you tried a vinegar rinse? I have to do that once a month because during the summer time I get natural platinum blond highlights and although its a cool look it is hard maintenance.
Chances are it's the water you are using to wash your hair. Chlorine is the biggest factor usually in turning hair green. So swimmers shampoo is the way to go. Otherwise use a cleansing cream once a week to strip EVERYTHING from your hair and follow with a rich conditioner. I suggest Redken cleansing cream shampoo and Redken extreme or moisture conditioner.
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