Saturday, December 19, 2009

Is good to use shampoo which conatins green apple?

What benefits bring green apple to hair?I have heard that makes hair stronger and healthier.Is it true?Is good to use shampoo which conatins green apple?
Nothing is good just because it has ';Green Apple';, ';Herbs'; or ';French Vanilla'; in it. Especially if it's commercial. It's just a way to sell it. Most all shampoos are the same formula (read the bottles) with a drop or two of something that sounds healthy and covers the chemical smell of shampoo, and gives the manufacturer the right to print a dewey green apple and leaves on the label.

The truth to a good shampoo is what it is NOT. It should NOT have sodium laurel sulfate (or anything that sounds like it: ';laureth/sulfates';, etc.) because that is the chemical also known as garage floor cleaner and engine degreaser. It is harsh, causes cancer and causes your hair to fall out. Not tomorrow, but over time. It will seem to work great for a while; no one gets cancer in a month, but as you get older (P.S. you will) it keeps ruining your hair until you look like a mangy muppet. Read the label on your shampoo (and toothpaste) and avoid it.

Remember, just because it's called ';green apple'; doesn't mean it's organic. It would have to SAY on label that it is ';certified organic'; by Oregon Tilth or someone reputable.

If it does not say organic (and most won't) then it's very likely to be oil extracted from old apple peels covered with pesticides anyway, after they squeeze the juice out at the apple juice factory.

And even if the green apple essential oil was organic, what good would a couple drops of organic anything do in a shampoo made of harsh garage floor cleaner? Garage floor cleaner won't make your hair stronger and healthier even if they threw in a barrel of organic apples, an organic farmer, and a farm tracter which only ran on organic turnip juice.

Read the labels, learn what you are putting in and one your hair, and buy products from a company like, or someplace that cares about your health, or buy a book and make your own shampoo at home with good organic products.Is good to use shampoo which conatins green apple?
yes and it makes your hair smell gorgeous
yes of course anything that is orangic helps and olive oil is great!
yep and i use it all the time

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