Saturday, December 19, 2009

Pantene smooth and sleek shampoo and conditioner (the green one)?

What do you think of it?Pantene smooth and sleek shampoo and conditioner (the green one)?
The pantene smooth and sleek shampoo and conditioner is a very good shampoo. It's a little pricy, but it makes my hair so soft and manageable. The scent isn't the best compared to everything else that's out there. It's a very clean and soapy scent, but everyone who smells my hair after I've used this shampoo says that it smells fresh even after I have just straightened it. Best of luck!Pantene smooth and sleek shampoo and conditioner (the green one)?
I don't use the shampoo, but I really like the conditioner. However, if you have fine, thin or oily hair, you'll probably want to stay away from it. It has ';cones'; in know dimethicone, etc. which are basically compounds that make your hair slippery. However, they also tend to coat the hair shaft, which will keep moisture from being able to penetrate it. I use it because I have thick and very frizzy hair, so it helps tame it.

If you have fine hair, stick to the cheap stuff (I prefer Suave), and try to get a conditioner that doesn't have any ';cones'; in it.
Pantene is an awful shampoo, don't even bother with it, really your shampoo is made up of half a bottle of water and bad ingredients which cost about 50p! Plus its really bad for your hair. Get some dosh out and get something worthwhile like kerastase or clynol! Or even Mark Hill from boots!
i used that and i didnt like it at all.

I felt my hair went worse and went more dry and brittle

I use herbal essence for smooth and sleek and its brilliant. its the best shampoo and its not harsh on the hair.
Its alrriiite its not exactly the best shampoo thats out there..i really like loreal elvive shampoo and conditionr the nutri gloss--amazing shampoo leaves ur hair realli smooth and very silky!
I don't personally like Pantene. The best shampoo on the market is Tre Semme or AUSSIE.. costs a few 拢's more but SO WORTH IT!
I'm not keen on the smell of pantene.

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