Saturday, December 19, 2009

Please Help! Hair turned green from ash dye. Need shampoo & colorant amount for fix.?

A color specialest at Clairol told me this was caused by ash dye on too light hair and gave me a recipe to remedy it using golden or red dye. I forgot the amounts of shampoo, colorant, %26amp; if I'm supposed to mix it with the developer. Please let me know if anyone knows the amounts. Thank you greatly.Please Help! Hair turned green from ash dye. Need shampoo %26amp; colorant amount for fix.?
This is how it works:

Ash (green) cancels out red, and red cancels out ash.

I think you should try a red RINSE, not a red haircolor. Since you just dyed your hair, your hair cuticle is still susceptible. A red rinse may cover that green just the right amount without you going to all the trouble, stress and excess damage of coloring your hair again. When you put red hair dye over an ash color, sometimes it turns out REAL brassy and REAL bright red/orangy. Please be careful!! You should stop by a reputable salon on Monday and ask for their opinion. If you don't have the money to spend on having it professionally fixed (which I'm guessing is the case since you dyed it yourself), they will still probably give you some very good pointers.

The colorist you spoke to on the phone didn't see for herself what happened to your hair and how ashy it came out, so seeing a reputable colorist IN PERSON will really make a huge difference because she'll be able to see for herself what you need. She may even suggest some good brands you should use.

Take my word for it girly!

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