Saturday, December 19, 2009

Whats the shampoo that gets rid of green for?

black hair?

I have kind of green highlights where I got highlights from about april. my hair is dyed a shiney black.

plus does anyone know about how long it takes for hair to grow an inch?

thanks :]Whats the shampoo that gets rid of green for?
IT TAKES 2 MONTHS TO GROW AN INCH.. A 1/2 INCH A MONTH :p HOPE I HELPED! Oh and also they have aussie shampoo that helps.. look at a local Sallys - - And ask a stylist there too!Whats the shampoo that gets rid of green for?
Green Highlights are from using a ASH color or if they put ash on your black hair when at rinse the color whet into the highlights which made it ashy or green we call it. Usually hair grows between 1/2 to 1 inch per month if healthy hair. If you feed your hair nutrients or protein %26amp; moisturizer it will grow even faster!
Clarifying shampoo should help the highlights being green.

I think hair generally grows 1/4 inch per month.
to get rid of the green, try a red-based color to cover it up. as for the hair growth, its actually about 1/8-1/4'; a month, not a half an inch.
i dont know about shampoos that get green out of your hair but i think ketchup is ment to be good for it. i know its good for if youve just got blonde highlights and go swimming (coz the chlorine turns it green). but i dont know if its the same thing

hope this helps!

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