Saturday, December 19, 2009

I have ';juicy green apple shampoo.'; Is it important that the apples were juicy?

Sorry Banjo...this is just a marketing ploy to SUCK your senses into their scheme to purchase their product. JUICY appeals to the memories of a crisp fresh apple just plucked from a tree and eaten in the field on one of those early preschool apple orchard field trips. Who could resist. It's a baiting of the customer.

I teach an experimental Biology lab for undergraduate non-major biology students and this is tied into one of the labs I teach on pH and shampoo buffering.

I ask the class to tie commercialism and marketing techniques comparisons into the sale of shampoo at the store or salon to the packaging/scent/color/price appeal. Does this have anything to do with the actual effect on your hair? (The course is geared to everyday experiences in life with a scientific process tied to it. Great class to make everyone think.). I like teaching this class because everyone walks away each week with a thought for the future on choices they make and how they are related to scientific ideas/topics.I have ';juicy green apple shampoo.'; Is it important that the apples were juicy?
Thanks for the vote on my answer. I was just recently asked to teach this course again for the Fall 09 semester. Everyone should take a course like this that they will remember for the future no matter what their major is. I receive great reviews on this class. Report Abuse
I have ';juicy green apple shampoo.'; Is it important that the apples were juicy?
Unless there are people out there who want fruit flies in their hair, no. I bet the company could save hundreds of dollars on ink alone if they got rid of the word ';juicy';.
You don't get much scent out of a dried apple, so its good to know it was juicy.
have you tasted non juicy shampoo varieties..yech
Yes, that's how your hair gets moisture! And, if you get thirsty, you can suck on a strand or two.
Haha, thanks. I needed that laugh. XD

We all know red juicy apples just won't be the same. =)
cud dos to the marketing people
Of course, i bet you only bought the shampoo because of the word 'juicy'. you wouldn't want rotten apples would you?
It makes great shakes. Muh bff Precious knows what's up
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