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What cases hair fall? Gatzby green hair gel or Head and shoulders silk and shile shampoo?

i say the shampoo.. some shampoo are too harsh for the scalp.. it's even worse when you shampoo every day or more than once a day.. the gel should be harmless unless you put your gel onto your scalp..What cases hair fall? Gatzby green hair gel or Head and shoulders silk and shile shampoo?
Hmm usually not a shampoo or hair gel. Aging, stress, and hair damage do to coloring and too many products could cause hair to fall out.What cases hair fall? Gatzby green hair gel or Head and shoulders silk and shile shampoo?
Hair loss or baldness is caused mainly due to the lack of Vitamin B supplements. Vitamin B5 contains pantothenic acid and B3 (niacin that is vital for hair growth). B6 is equally important to the body, as it contains the nutrients of zinc, sulfur, magnesium and biotin.

An interesting fact about Vitamin B: Certain experiments were conducted with rats and they were fed with food that lacked magnesium supplements. It was found that they lost their hair in bunches and when they were provided with a low biotin diet they turned hairless. But to the surprise of all, their hair returned when they were fed with food rich in Vitamin B. Similar studies were conducted on men and it was found that Vitamin B enriches the quality of hair.The body also requires Vitamin A. Fatty acids such as primrose oil, flaxseed oil or salmon oil need to be consumed for enhancing hair growth.

Vitamin E is meant for stimulating the oxygen intake in the body and improves the blood circulation. If there is proper blood circulation, hair growth is enhanced. Vitamin C assists the normal functioning of capillaries that carries the blood to the scalp. Even zinc is an important supplement, which should be consumed as it assists hair growth.

Biotin is necessary for hair growth. There are many sources of biotin such as brewer's yeast, brown rice, bulgur, green peas, lentils, oats, soybeans, sunflower seeds, and walnuts. It is present in some shampoos, so you can use shampoos, which contain biotin. It is advised to consult a physician before taking any vitamins or medications for hair growth

Massage your scalp regularly with olive oil...this may enhance hair growth.

Take care.
You can stop hair loss using many cheap and effective home remedies. Egg white, lemon juice, oil massage are other home remedies at鈥?/a> will prevent further problems.
Hard chemicals and lack of washing and applying of creams

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