Saturday, December 19, 2009

HELP! MY HAIR IS green it has been 6 days used chlorine removal shampoo! no result! help?

disgustinngg i have highlights so the green is intensified i used ultra swim 4 times already it is not helping ):HELP! MY HAIR IS green it has been 6 days used chlorine removal shampoo! no result! help?
if u dye ure hair blonde... the chlorine will TURN ure hair green!HELP! MY HAIR IS green it has been 6 days used chlorine removal shampoo! no result! help?
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Use ION Clarifying Crystals. They have a line of Swimmers hair care products.
go to a salon to have it fixed.
umm dye it a diff. colour
you always wash your hair with leat 2-3 times a day to soften the green color........when you take a bath, i suugest that you will not shampoo because it is also a chemical like the green ones.........i think it cannot remove if you will shampoo.....its my own, its your decision
No doubt about it, Emily is a blonde...!

It seems blondes are most susceptible to chlorine-green and it varies from one person to another relative to the extent of green.

The first thing I suggest is that you stop ';experimenting'; with cures found on the store shelves because most all of them are ficticious claims with insufficient strengths to correct the problem right away...

Also, the ';Ph factor'; of some shampoos is much to strong for delicate blonde hair...

As this is going to be a lifelong problem for you to deal with I would suggest you go to a reputable hair salon and have them care for the situation properly. When doing so, they will recommend the proper wash / rinse product best suited to correct your problem in the future...

An old folks cure of last century was to mix two eggs well in a bowl with a can of beer (room temperature) and lather that gently into your hair thouroughly for several minutes. Then rinse it out and wash your hair with a mild soap such as Dove. After a tamp dry with a towel it's OK to fluff dry with a blow dryer on low heat. Never use a blow dryer on high heat as it burns away the needed moisture, oils and proteins to keep hair healthy and shiny...
I know you said you have highlights, but do you dye your hair? and if so, with what products?

My sister once got a seriously nasty green tinge to her hair after changing her mind on the color an using a different dye that reacted with the first one - no swimming involved.

*edit* until you figure out what happened, IGNORE RITA!

If it happend because of a reaction between, say, a base color hair dye, and your highlighting method, dying again could cause major damage!

Unless you wanna go bald, pamper your hair till you figure out which chemical/product reaction is the culprit, so you know if what you're doing will actually help.

Also, would anyone prank you? Putting green kool-aid in your fix it shampoo would be cruel. If so, using regular stuff would work, though I've been told kool-aid needs some scrubbing to come out. And even if its not a prank, if you used the fix-it four time and it didn't help enough to notice, your hair wasn't screwed up by what it's supposed to fix.

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